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July 30th, 2012

07:26 am: Summary
Well, since I haven't used this thing in FOREVER, a little summary. I'm married to Roger and have TWO kids. They are amazing and drive me crazy! Love 'em more than anything. Still at the same job, been here almost 7 years now! Boring post, but I promise I'll do better next time! :)

July 26th, 2012

07:35 am: Wow, I completely forgot I had this journal on here! I suppose my poor fans missed my entries? Ha! I will have to start using this thing again. :)

Current Mood: chipperchipper

March 3rd, 2006

06:48 pm: Man.....shin splits are AWFUL! Awful I tell you! I am so stubborn. I knew yesterday I shouldn't have run because they were sore, but I did anyway. Today, I kept telling myself "OK, after work, NO YMCA. You're legs need a break. They still hurt." What did I do? Drove myself straight to the Y and ran. I can hardly walk now. I look somewhat like a penguin, really. It's pathetic. I will absolutely NOT go workout tomorrow.

There was something else I was gonna say, but I cant remember what it was. It wasn't important, I know that much. It was some random, silly comment that had nothing to do with anything. Hmm.

No clue.

Oh yeah! I DO remember now. Yeah, so I decided I need to buy one of those travel sized Febreze bottles. I have home health patient that I see after work. This one lady smokes the whole time I am there (Gag, cough, ew) and when I leave, I smell absolutely disgusting. I think maybe if I'm able to Febreze my whole entire body from my hair down to my toes (it DOES stick to my hair and shoes, ya know)...then maybe I won't smell so horrible until I get a chance to shower.

February 13th, 2006

11:20 pm: Friends ONLY

Due to recents events..... my journal is now FRIENDS ONLY.

You know the drill - comment to be added!! :o) Image hosting by Photobucket

August 24th, 2005

06:23 pm: I HATE SALLIE MAE!!
Stupid loan companies. I HATE THEM! I got a bill for my loans a few days ago. I should not be repaying them until February! AND it's not like its a 10 dollar payment that I can afford, oh no...it's 250 bucks a month. Now I have to find time to get the deferment form, take off of work so I can go up to school and stand in a damn line for 2 hours or so, so that the school can sign it and say I have been a full timer for the past 2 semesters. Ugh. I can't ask off at a new job for that. Stupid loans! Someone wanna pay 'em off for me? :) I would love you forever and ever.

I preferred my Stewie icon, but a couple of ya didn't know what I look like, and since my last post, I figured I better use this stupid picture for a few days. :)

August 23rd, 2005

07:38 pm: It's a sad thing when life is too busy and hectic that you can't even update a lil ol' journal anymore.

Ok ya'll...you've seen my picture before (used to be my user icon). I look like a girl...right? RIGHT?!

There was this crazy patient that was at work today. She is bipolar, and I think a little bit insane on top of that. Anyway, she was sittin there in therapy and started going nuts - crying and saying weird things, not making any sense. Then she looks at me and says "I'm SO glad you're a woman!......you ARE a woman, right?" I just nodded, turned, and went into my office because I was trying so hard not to laugh. Once in the door, I laughed SOO hard and couldn't go back and see her for a quite a while. My boss followed me in and we were both cracking up. Was pretty funny.

I have a lot to do, so thats all for now.

August 18th, 2005

11:55 pm:
about me
BirthdateMay 25th
birth placeTexas
eye collorBlue
right ,lefty or ambidexterious?Lefty :)
your ethnicityGot a lil bit of everything in me. Indian, German, i dunno what else
favorite shoesUniversity of Texas flip flops
favorite clothesJeans, halter top
favorite bandPuddle of Mudd I guess
favorite style of musiccant decide. Country, r&b, rock, alternative, rap, pop
first concertYou're gonna laugh. N'Sync
favorite or best concert you've been tooOnly been to Nsync and Fuel...so Fuel
your weaknesspuppies
your greatest fearswindows
your favorite foodnachos
your favorite pizzapepperoni
Favorite sportswimming
favorite sports teamUniversity of Texas
Favorite baseball teamCardinals
favorite non alcholic beverageDiet Coke
drink of choiceAmaretto Sour
beer of choiceEw
pepsi or cokeCoke
favorite place to liveColorado
dream carThat new nissan one that looks like a porshe looks cool
secret tallenti have no talents
have you ever
got so drunk you passed outno
so drunk you couldn't readno
so drunk you threw upno
been so drunk u were taken to the hospitaljust assume any question bout being drunk will have "no" as the answer
sky diving?no
bungi jumpingno
done illegal drugsno
done hard drugsno...no to all. How boring am I?
do you
have long or short hairlong
know how to play an instromentused to, prolly not now
shower dailyEw..yes!
want to get marriedBleh
want to go to collegeBeen there done that


August 15th, 2005

07:15 pm: Cats, Patients, & D-Day
Well my cat attempted to kill me while I was in the bathtub. Again.
He was in the corner of the room, by the bathtub, playing with....who knows what he was playing with. Something on the floor, and there is no telling. Anyway, all the sudden, he just POUNCED on me! Clawed up my shoulder. I dunno if he thought he was being CUTE or MEAN or what, but I wasn't friggin laughin. Hurt a bunch.

A patient today told me I was just a "young spring chicken" and "so cute". I guess thats good. Is being a fuzzy yellow ball good? Hmm.

Aww...and this other patient that I have ...he is just adorable! I was helping him walk, and when he went to sit down, he was reaching back for his wheelchair and ended up grabbing my thigh instead. He was soooo embarassed, and it really wasn't a big deal at all. He said "Oh my gosh!! I am soooo sorry, I meant to grab the chair" and started rambling on. I kept telling him not to worry about it, but he was just horrified. How sweet is that? I love my patients.

I'm off to find some dinner. It's 7:15 and I'm hungry. Maybe I'll find some chicken feed to nibble on. Well, thats my attempt at a somewhat humorous post. :) OOHH, wish me luck!! D-Day is August 29th. The day. The day I take my National board exam for physical therapy. The day that decides if I get my license or not. Eeep. I'm scaring myself. Enough of that.

August 12th, 2005

11:19 pm: Ok, so I decided I should write a lighthearted and funny post, seeing as the past few I've made have been pretty dull - just about work and such things.


I can't seem to come up with anything to say that is either lighthearted, or even an attempt at being funny. Sorry guys. I will try harder next time. :)

August 11th, 2005

12:38 pm: CPR Certified
I had to get renewed for my CPR - it expires at the end of the month, and luckily for me, at my job, not only do I NOT have to pay for it, I get paid to go! Woohoo. So all morning I've been sucking face with a dummy. Haha. Anyway, the test is super easy, passed with a 100%. So if any of ya'll ever need mouth to mouth, I'm your girl.

I'm slightly annoyed, but only slightly, that the class was today. Today was the last day for one of the PT students so all the therapists took her lunch today, but my class ran 1/2 way through lunch. That sucked. I had to eat soup, which was no good at all.

I was talking with someone, and I dunno how but the subject of sex came up. Apparently, I'm severely naive. Did you know when someone refers to "Water Sports" they do not mean swimming or water polo? I had no idea what it actually meant. This guy asked if I liked water sports, and I said yes...everyone laughed. Hmph. So yeah. For the record, if I ever refer to liking water sports in any future posts, I mean ACTUAL water sports. :o)

Allright. I guess I better finish this no-good soup. Tomorrow is Friday, which means we can wear jeans. However, last week I wore them and realized, "Why the heck is everyone happy to wear jeans Friday? We get to wear windbreaker pants all week...Friday is practically dress-up day for us!" It's not nearly so comfortable to do therapy in jeans. Ah well.

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