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12:38 pm: CPR Certified
I had to get renewed for my CPR - it expires at the end of the month, and luckily for me, at my job, not only do I NOT have to pay for it, I get paid to go! Woohoo. So all morning I've been sucking face with a dummy. Haha. Anyway, the test is super easy, passed with a 100%. So if any of ya'll ever need mouth to mouth, I'm your girl.

I'm slightly annoyed, but only slightly, that the class was today. Today was the last day for one of the PT students so all the therapists took her lunch today, but my class ran 1/2 way through lunch. That sucked. I had to eat soup, which was no good at all.

I was talking with someone, and I dunno how but the subject of sex came up. Apparently, I'm severely naive. Did you know when someone refers to "Water Sports" they do not mean swimming or water polo? I had no idea what it actually meant. This guy asked if I liked water sports, and I said yes...everyone laughed. Hmph. So yeah. For the record, if I ever refer to liking water sports in any future posts, I mean ACTUAL water sports. :o)

Allright. I guess I better finish this no-good soup. Tomorrow is Friday, which means we can wear jeans. However, last week I wore them and realized, "Why the heck is everyone happy to wear jeans Friday? We get to wear windbreaker pants all week...Friday is practically dress-up day for us!" It's not nearly so comfortable to do therapy in jeans. Ah well.


Date:August 13th, 2005 03:41 am (UTC)
Haha, i still wanna know

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